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Mar 092012

The Federal Government has issued the okay to CUT DOWN all 900 Rosehill ash trees on the St Louis Arch grounds.  The Emerald Ash Borer has not been confirmed any closer than 70 miles to these trees at this point.  Even though it is clearly a better financial decision to treat ash trees instead of remove them, as documented by several universities and published on Jan 6 , 2011 by the Coalition for Urban Ash Conservation (1), these ash trees will meet their fate in the future as they will be cut down instead.

To read the rest of this Emerald ash borer story, go to


To read the report from the Coalition on Urban Ash Tree Conservation go to (1)


The real reason for removal might have more to do with the long term plans for developing the Arch grounds in preparation for a 2015 redevelopment plan hinted at in this article –


I first commented on this story in October 0f 2010 –


You do not have to lose your ash trees!  I have saved more ash trees since 2002 than any other arborist in America!

The cities of West Chicago, Roselle, and Downers Grove, Illinois have all renewed with me again this year!

If you are in my 5 state treatment area and want to SAVE YOUR ASH!  – contact me.  Board Certified Master Arborist – Wayne A. White

Remember this famous quote,

“God has cared for these trees…but he cannot save them from fools” – John Muir




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